Power regulators

In 2009, the company had fully assumed by its sister company ELFIS-T production of power regulators with phase control and cycle switching. The most common    applications include power control electrical heating devices, such as electric stoves, high power heating illuminators.

ELFIStor units 1F and 3F are suitable for regulating the heating elements with a large  temperature coefficient of resistance, or resistance heating objects by direct passage of current. Another possible application is the control of electric chemical processes in plating, battery charging, etc. The main application fields are the glass industry,  metallurgy, electrochemistry, lighting, food, ceramics and electric furnaces construction.

ELFIStor switching units ELFIStor 2SC are intended for lossless electric power control in power VC circuits using so called method – switching in zero. It is applied mainly where switching long durability and minimal interference caused by current surges when the contacts are switched on or off. The most common applications include power control of electrical heating devices, such as electric stoves, high power heating illuminators.

By replacing contactors with mechanical contacts Elfistor 2S Cunits  the reliability will be improved  and maintenance costs will be reduced. The main application fields are the metallurgy, glass industry, ceramics production, electrochemistry, lighting, food, and  electric furnaces construction.

ELFIStor 3SK switching units are contactless switches demarcating  switching "at zero". Intended mainly for fast switching load with prevailing capacity compound at the network 3x400V. Their main application is switching capacitors for reactive power compensation in  distribution network. Their advantage is the fast switching frequency and long durability. Applied in other applications where there is more requirement more pressure on switches durability and on minimum interference that might otherwise arise from the contact switch on or off.



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